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Our Story

Cooking Runs in Our Family

We learned to cook from mom, who learned to cook from her mother... Cooking was in born, we spent hours everyday in the kitchen telling stories and learning life lessons. Cooking was not just about feeding our hunger, it was how we showed love to one another.

Serving my father three different freshly made meals a day was how we told him, we loved him and we appreciate the sacrifices he made everyday for us. Cooking became natural, thoughtless just as brushing your teeth in the morning. 

My sisters and I all learned to cook from our mum, but all have a unique style of cooking, everyone has their specialty and every now and then we share tips with each other so we all grow better together. 

At our home, we serve security, peace, comfort, tenderness, kindness... on a plate of love.

Owner & Executive Chef

Nelly-Anne Ndikum

Varieties of Grain

"Good food makes you smile"

Someone once said, "You are addicted to food! If you are not cooking, you are eating, if you are not eating, you are watching food, if you are not watching food, you are reading about food...".

It took me a while to put it together, but they were right... I enjoy cooking and serving people with love because food is a language everyone can understand.

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